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Sports: TZ-Minigolf 1.0
A good eye and plenty of fingertip feeling: The new Windows program with appealing graphics and good sound lets up to four players to 18 minigolf holes. The rules are quickly explained: Each player has a maximum of six strokes to push the ball across the various fairways into the hole. The total number of strokes is added at the end and entered in the point list. The program stores the best results. TZ-Minigolf offers realistic band play, imaginative fairways and stepless metering of the punch power. Thus, it provides plenty of excitement and entertainment. Unfortunately, the shareware version is limited to six lanes "

Fun for the whole family is guaranteed with the Windows game TZ-Minigolf, in which up to four players are possible. To prevail against your competitors; Above all, you need a steady hand. You use the mouse to determine in which direction and with what force the ball is struck. You have six tries to get it into the hole. A total of 18 golf courses are available, in the shareware version there are six. They are beautifully designed and convey the right golf feeling. The winner is the one who has the least amount of bad luck for all tracks. The operation is simple and the functions self-explanatory, so that even PC beginners can start immediately.

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